17 de abril de 2017
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Salmon prices shoot up: the Eo repits the "campanu", reaching 9,500 Euros, but the first salmon of the Sella surpases it

The restaurant of the Gijón Casino pays the highest price in the last seven years for the first specimen of the season, which was caught by Alejandro Pérez from Coaña – the Eastern Asturias beats the records with the auction of the earliest fish of the river for 9,900 Euros, which was bought by the owner José Manuel Mori, "el Marqués", from Cangas

17.04.2017 | 08:46
Salmon prices shoot up: the Eo repits the "campanu", reaching 9,500 Euros, but the first salmon of the Sella surpases it

The Eo gave yesterday its second consecutive "campanu" with the most expensive salmon of the last seven years: 9,500 Euros in the first day of fishing, more fruitful in Euros than in fish (four in total), since the first specimen of the Sella was paid more expensive, 9,900 Euros. In short, 19,400 Euros for two salmons. The "As de Picas" restaurant of the Gijón Casino, which already won with 18,000 Euros in the auction of 2007, took the first salmon of the season caught with death, caught by Alejandro Pérez, "Jano", from Coaña. This riverside fisherman, aged 63, was the earliest rising in Asturias: his "campanu" bit the hook 40 minutes after the ban was lifted at 7.15 am.

The entrepreneur from Gijón José Antonio Díaz Carbajosa paid more than twice the price of the salmon of last year (3,700 Euros) for a specimen of 5,790 kilos, 19 centimeters long and 44 centimeter of perimeter. In the afternoon, the auction of the Sella "campanu", captured by Juan Antonio González Menéndez, "El Sastrín", surpassed that of Cornellana by 400 Euros (9,900), as already happened in 2016. The owner from Cangas, José Manuel Mori "el Marqués", who only yielded at the end of the auction of Cornellana before Carbajosa, took to the kitchen of "El Campanu" the coveted fish.
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-What did you feel?

-I didn´t feel anything, I ran to the area.

The specimen that made Alejandro Perez Fernandez, from Trelles (Coaña), visibly happy, fought back "the normal thing in a salmon is five or seven minutes." Or less, because he knew he could be the first of the season and "tried to get it out as soon as possible." "Jano" has lost count of the "campanus" he has caught, "ten or twelve between Navia and Porcía", but yesterday it was the absolute first in Asturias. It was valued at 9,500 Euros: "It is much more than I expected". In view of the precedents, 3,700 last year -4,200 for the one of the Sella -, the man from Coaña didn´t expect more than "3,000 or 4,000".

In a close auction, the final hand to hand combat was decided between the restaurant "El Campanu", which would then take the first salmon from the Sella, and the "As de picas", from Gijón. José Antonio Díaz Carbajosa, owner of the Casino, celebrated the victory by announcing that the "campanu" would be the protagonist of "tasting conference": but something less than 6 kilos of salmon "don´t allow for much".

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