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Alejandro Mos Riera es un polímata español. Poeta, escritor, pintor, fotógrafo, músico y cineasta. Director del Museum Of Silence y The Modern Times.

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La cultura es el arma más poderosa para cambiar el mundo. Una forma de descifrar el lenguaje de la naturaleza. La tierra es una pálida perla blanca en el infinito mar cósmico.


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    Cultura Cine Arte Pintura Johannes Vermeer

    Johannes Vermeer ¶ "La verdad es la luz del tiempo"

    Johannes Vermeer ¶


    Johannes Vermeer ¶ "Truth is the light of time" from Alejandro Mos Riera on Vimeo.


    Miguel Ángel con su Juicio Final no es más extraordinario que Vermeer van Delft con su encajera en el Louvre, de tamaño un palmo cuadrado. Cuando se tienen en cuenta las dimensiones plásticas, se puede afirmar que La encajera es extraordinaria frente a la Capilla Sixtina.

    Salvador Dalí

    By art alone we are able to get outside ourselves, to know what another sees of this universe which for him is not ours, the landscapes of which would remain as unknown to us as those of the moon. Thanks to art, instead of seeing one world, our own, we see it multiplied and as many original artists as there are, so many worlds are at our disposal, differing more widely from each other than those which roll round the infinite and which, whether their name be Rembrandt or Vermeer, send us their unique rays many centuries after the hearth from which they emanate is extinguished.
    This labour of the artist to discover a means of apprehending beneath matter and experience, beneath words, something different from their appearance, is of an exactly contrary nature to the operation in which pride, passion, intelligence and habit are constantly engaged within us when we spend our lives without self-communion, accumulating as though to hide our true impressions, the terminology for practical ends which we falsely call life.

    Marcel Proust In Search of Lost Time


    Art Film By Alejandro Mos Riera






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