19 de mayo de 2017
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State and subsidized educations claim for more resources and dialogue in separate demonstrations

Teaching civil servants demand the reduction of the number of teaching hours, and private education teachers, more equality

19.05.2017 | 08:37

They are antagonistic worlds but with some common claims. The main one is more dialogue on the part of the Educational Administration of Asturias. They claimed for it yesterday in Oviedo, each one for its part, teachers of the state education and the education community of the subsidized schools. The latest gathered more people, but it is not a matter of comparing powers of convocation, but of analyzing what is demanded and what is given or not given.
Both networks, jointly, make up a teaching group of about fifteen thousand people, not taking into account all the administration staff and services around hundreds of educational centers. Both feel discriminated against each other, and both can claim that those responsible for the education in Asturias have very old outstanding debts with them.

??Those same subjects still to be passed became slogans yesterday in the gathering of the state education network and in the demonstration of the subsidized education. In the Plaza de España, in front of the regional Ministry building, the teachers' unions of the state education endorsed and even recognized "the sensibilities and promises" of the regional Minister Alonso and his team, but claimed for "solutions once and for all".

The warhorse issue is the plan implemented by Central Administration in 2012 and substantiated in the royal decree on the spending rationalization, Wert´s cutbacks, to be clearer. It is good to remember that the royal decree is still in force, but the trade unions stress that other communities have begun to reduce the pressure on teachers, mainly in matter of schedules.
In Asturias, secondary school teachers have 20 teaching hours per week, and they want them to be 18. The more teaching hours, at the classroom, the fewer hours they have for other issues that they understand essential for the daily life of the high schools. Tutorings, for example. In Primary, the old 23 teaching hours became 25 after the cutbacks. Funding cutbacks, not schedules cutbacks. Teachers want to go back to their previous schedule.
The day of protests had begun in the morning in the General Meeting of the Principality, with questions from the opposition to Genaro Alonso. The regional Minister stated in the parliament that "we have no legal force to return to the schedule" we had prior to the decree.

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