The highest temperatures in a month of June in the last century in Asturias and some of the highest in the historical series of meteorological control. Much of the region surpassed yesterday 30 degrees and again the record was registered in San Antolín de Ibias, locality that "broke" the thermometers: 36 degrees at five p.m. This was never seen in an Asturian during spring.

Asturias had surpassed 36 degrees in the month of June of 1998, concretely the day 16th. In that day even Gijón, a city by the Cantabrian Sea, reached 36,4 degrees. Since then, we had not seen a day as hot as yesterday, although again there have been notable differences in temperature between coastal and inland locations. Behind the temperature of 36 degrees in San Antolín de Ibias, Soto de la Barca (Tineo), Cabrales, Aller, Mieres and Degaña surpassed 32. And Pola de Lena almost reached them. On the coast, the most significant temperature was registered in Gijón, with 28.8 degrees.

Cold water

The heat and the holiday made the beaches be crowded with people. All the beaches in Asturias had green and yellow flags throughout the day, with a water temperature around 18 degrees. Cold, but the atmosphere encouraged taking a swim on the beach.

In the late evening the return operation caused slower traffic on the main roads. It was the first return operation a bit conflictive so far this year, although summer has not yet arrived.

The Emergency Department of Asturias insists on maximizing care with the fires in warm and windy environments like those that are again foreseen for today. The rains of the first days of the month ended with the "drought" that provoked weeks ago the wave of fires. The grounds are now wetter but the risk is still there.

Bye bye to the Northwest wind

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) forecasts a bit cloudy or cloudless skies in Asturias today, increasing the medium and high cloudiness and daytime evolution, with showers and dispersed storms, less likely and intense in the north, and not expected in the coast.

In other words, another day of heat and clear skies. But the wind changes: we will not have more northeastern wind. The wind was more moderate yesterday than in the previous day in Asturias, which influenced to make temperatures even greater. The maximum gust was registered in the port of Pajares, with 56 kilometers per hour.

The minimum temperature of the day in the Principality approached thirteen degrees in Pola de Somiedo. It is high, but at least in Asturias you can sleep.