14 de marzo de 2018
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Paz´s family already knew that "it had been rouge" Javier Ledo

Ángeles Borrego, the victim´s aunt, assured in the tribute in Gijón that they were silent for fifteen days "to avoid dragging out" the investigation

14.03.2018 | 08:35
Paz´s family already knew that "it had been rouge" Javier Ledo
Paz´s family already knew that "it had been rouge" Javier Ledo

"We were silent for fifteen days knowing that it had been that rouge (Javier Ledo) but we didn´t say anything to avoid interfering in the police investigation, but we knew who had killed her". With those words revealed yesterday Ángeles Borrego, Paz Fernández´s aunt, who, since the disappearance of the 43-year-old woman from Gijón, her family turned their eye to Javier Ledo, self-confessed perpetrator of this murder which has touched everybody in Asturias and which, yesterday, had an act of repudiation in Gijón Main Square to claim against gender-based violence. There, there was observed a long minute´s silence under a dim rain in which it was claimed this murder not to go unpunished and the responsible to be subject to the full force of the law.

A culprit who Paz Fernández´s family gave a face and a name quickly. They knew it, but they could not do or say anything to avoid interfering with the investigation. Now they want him to be punished for "having skewed their 43-year-old niece´s life". "There is no right to what´s been done, this cannot remain like this", assured Ángeles Borrego after the minute´s silence. That is why the Fernández Borregos have absolutely clear that they will take over the private prosecution against Javier Ledo. Mainly for Paz´s siblings, a 24-year-old one and the little one, being 4 years old.

Apart from tears and outrage there were also portraits of Paz Fernández, tinted t-shirts demanding justice and even good words about what the deceased was able to achieve in life. For example her voice, a voice her aunt remembered in tears. "If we had known how well she sang, we would have taken her to television", she told crying out. But among the tens of people who attended yesterday´s concentration it was to the victim´s mother, Carmen Borrego, to whom most comfort was provided. With sun glasses and visibly affected by the tragic outcome of the events –increased by the uncertainty during many days- she wanted to transmit, through the municipal sources, a message to her very daughter. "We called you María Paz and you were a reference for me. I will always remember how you told me when having to face a problem: Paz, take it easy, calm down and God will provide. From now on, I will think of those words", Carmen Borrego was able to say.

While Gijón Mayor, Carmen Morriyón, did not see it appropriate to condemn gender-based violence the Presidential adviser, Guillero Martínez, did so, who yesterday considered "intolerable" episodes like Paz Fernández´s in "any developed society" and in front of the family of the deceased woman from Gijón promised them that he will use all means available in the Principality and the units he counts on" as it is the case for legal assistance. Guillermo Martínez took the opportunity to make balance of the gender-based violence data for the region in 2017: 2,711 reports and 2,505 cases, an also "intolerable" record.

On the other hand, from the justice section of CCOO union the administrations taking part in the tribute have been called "hypocrites" for considering that this type of acts "are thought of as propaganda for show" when, on the contrary, they leave unfinanced "the necessary measures to fight the scourge of this violence and comply with the laws enacted to eradicate it". Nevertheless, CCOO took part in this event "for respect to the victim and her family".

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