26 de marzo de 2018
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The rainstorms flood the region and colapse roads and railway traffic

The overflows of Linares river, in Villaviciosa, and Nora, in Siero, led the Water Confederation to trigger the pre-alert situation

26.03.2018 | 08:07

The almost 64 litres per square metre registered in Poloña until six in the afternoon of yesterday meant the sencond most intense downpour in whole Spain (and biggest in all the peninsula) in the course of a gereneralised rainy day in Asturias, with forty litres in Oviedo at that same hour and very similar registers in places like Amieva and Llanes. Rain poured strongly in Cabrales after dusk, with more tan 47 litres about eight And to be continued.

A day in which as regards the weather, o due to it, everything happened in the Principality. Overflowed rivers, derailments, landslides, closed mountain ports, dangerous seas -although improving in relation to two days ago- and many Easter celebrations spoiled by the bad weather. The overflow of Linares river, in Villvivciosa and of Nora, in Siero, kept those responsable for the Cantábrico Water Confederation in pre-alert. To this respect was the Government delegate warned, Mariano Marín.

Since last Tuesday springtime has begun and in Amieva 145 litres per square metre have fallen, 16 more tan in Aller, while Oviedo already overcomes the 90 litres. At first hour of yesterday night seven mountain ports were closed to traffic. Those are San Isidro, Connio, Tarna, La Cobertoria, San Lorenzo and Ventana, as well as Pajaraes for heavy vehicles. Chains were necessary in Pajares (cars), Leitariegos, Cerredo, The Colladona, Somiedo and San Ignacio Heights. Moreover, two classics which are frequently closed although they are not ports: the road between Sotres and Tresviso, border with Cantabria, and the one that connects Covadonga and the Lakes.

The railway day was chaotic despite the public holiday. Numerous suburban trains were affected by floodings in railways or fallen trees and rocks. And with the shock lived by the Santander-Oviedo middle-distance train passangers after midnight, wrecked between Toraño and Arriondas about the 386 kilometre by a landslide. The incident took place near the Fuentes halt, in Parres, 5 kilometres from Arriondas. The operator and the assistant were bruised. None of the eleven passangers of the two-coach train were injured.

According to the company the driver realised that the rail track was cut due to the landslide and tried to stop the vehicle, bumping into the wreckage. This provoked the derailment of the first vehicle. The impact triggered that the train ended up against a catenary mast.

Several streets, squares and áreas in Villaviciosa suffered yesterday from the consequences of the heavy rains. The Civil Guard and Local Police diverted the traffic in the Main Square. The area of the old Alsa station, Ateneo Obrero, Salín or the sports centre were also affected. This provoked problems in the circulation for some hours in the town centre. Water got into some retails in the Main Square. And Linares river overflooded in Amandi and in Barquerina park. Some of the neighbours who witness the floodings in the Main Square point out: "we´ve been living floodings all our lives but now it seems that it happens quicker".

The Major, Alejandro Vega (PSOE), insisted to the Water Confederation that they should "prioritise the working against floodings in Villaviciosa". Yesterday, some points in the locality flooded again due to the coincidence of intense heavy rains and the high tides. Vega criticises that the central government of the Popular Party has not started the study on any of the measures necessary in the area. The councillor will request an urgent meeting with the president of the Water Confederation and the Government delegate to analyse the pending workings and the sitation in which river polders are, Coasts jurisdiction. "The Council is ready to co-fund some measures, but the central Government must articulate the projects and agreements", Vega claims. Among the measures demanded are the interception and evacuation of some river waters and the Villa downpours, the reconstruction of Les Colomines breakwater and the reformation of El Puentón and Güetes bridge to improve Linares drainage capacity, as well as lift up a defence in La Barquerina park.

Another critical point was Siero council. Covadonga Pérez and Ricardo Junquera got the water into their house, reaching 20 centimetres high. They live in Ferrera and although it not the first time they have problems with floodings due to their proximity to the river and to the location of their house in a low setting, it had been long time since they last remembered a situation like yesterday´s. it not only affected the living-room furniture, but it also flooded the lower part of the horreo, where they have their hens and, at least one, drowned. "The problema is that rivers are not cleaned and as it rains so much, it overfloods", they pointed out. Nora river overflooded in several areas of the council. In La Pola Les Campes, streets and garages flooded. So firefighters, Civil Protection and the Local Police had a Sunday with harsh hours due to the coincidence of incidents and calls.

The weather tends to stabilise today although the sky will keep cloudy, there will be downpours in the morning in the Eastern part of the region.

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