Asturias lived yesterday a springtime day, with temperatures rising up over six degrees in less than twenty-four hours, giving the feeling that the time for bad weather, storms, rain and snow had already finished. Nothing further from reality. The downpours and the low temperatures will be back from today on and will stay until at least Saturday. Moreover, the southwest of Asturias will be in yellow alert for snow on Thursday, as the snow level will decend to 800 metres and even in some moments to 600 in the next days.

Some locations in Asturias reached over 22 degrees yesterday. Such was the case of Mieres, which ranked as the location with the highest temperatures of the region, with six degrees more than the previous day. That same difference took place in Piloña, Pola de Lena, Salas or Amieva. The mínimum temperatures were over zero degrees and in Pajares, where in the early morning from Sunday to Monday had registered -3.2 degrees, in the one from Monday to Tuesday registered 1.7. The same happened in Degaña, which went from -2.3 degrees to 1.3 and in Pola de Somiedo, which went from 0.5 degrees to 1.1. In Oviedo, some thermometers under the sun reached a temperature of 26 degrees.

The good weather attracted a large public to the beaches of Asturias, where many people could be seen enjoying their walks and games under the sun at midday and in the afternoon mainly.

The weather conditions were also ideal to enjoy ski resort. Fuentes de Invierno as well as Valgrande-Pajares hang their "no vacancy" signs.

But this has been only a break. A mirror image, because today rain will come back and temperatures will decend again, this situation remaining until next Saturday at least, regarding the State Metheorology Agency´s (Aemet) anticipated forecasts. Furthermore, tomorrow Thursday the southwest of Asturias will be again in alert for snow.

The snow level will decend today to 900 metres, provoking a significant drop of the maximum temperatures, mainly in the interior. This situation will continue on Thursday and Friday, with thermal drops as the snow level descends.

The forecast for Saturday is soft showers and the snow level between 700 and 900 metres, although at dawn this will descend to 600 in the Cantabrian Mountains.

To sum up, Easter will be soaked in rain and cold, waiting for the weather to improve on Monday to enjoy the popular "Comida en la calle" (lunch in the street) in Avilés.