From Ibias to Peñamellera Baja, from Villaviciosa to Aller: the fire spread all throughout Asturias. Up to 28 of them were still active yesterday by the closing time of this edition; 9 located in Llanes, in which extinction took part 150 officers and five helicopters. The fire destroyed forests in eighteen councils: Allande, Aller, Belmonte de Miranda, Cabrales, Cangas del Narcea, Grado, Grandas de Salime, Ibias, Lena, Llanes, Morcín, Peñamellera Baja, Piloña, Sobrescobio, Tineo, Villaviciosa, Valdés y Villayón. In some of them, mainly in Allende and Ibias, the situation was especially critical. On Wednesday night, the flames were 50 metres far from the houses in Valvaler, Ibias although it wasn´t necessary to evacuate people. "We were really scared", claim the neighbours.

The Natural Paradise will remain some more time in "hell", looking forward to the next weather forecast. The absence of rain and the rise of temperatures, expected for the weekend, depicts a negative scenery, as the very councillor of the Presidency, Guillermo Martínez, admitted yesterday. The strong winds -wind gusts of up to 101 kmph were registered yesterday in the coast- made the firefighting tasks more complicated in a day which started with fourteen fire pits and ended almost with thirty. The Councillor severed the origin of the fires to the elimination of the enclosing of areas for grazing, and made a "call for "condemnation", as the majority of fires "had been provoked, following statistics.

In good weather conditions for the extinction of the flames, Guillermo Martínez reminded that "it is prohibited, and therefore condemned, the firing of grazing". The regional government keeps the plan against fires in forests (INFOPA) in 0 level in all the region except in Ibias and Allende, where level 1 was ordered fearing that the fire reached the villages.

It was really close to happen in Valvaler (Ibias). The neighbours could hardly sleep the night of Wednesday to Thursday: the flames were just 50 metres far from the hoses. "We were really scared, in the afternoon it was very windy and that brought the fire next to the village", explains Enrique Villanueva, who confesses that in a given moment he didn´t know how to act: "we didn´t know whether it would be better to leave just in case o to stay and do something".

The neighbours of Valvaler assure that the intervention of the firefighters was fast but complex: "the smoke didn´t let them work and it was dark". For José Mesa, nothing was casual. He explains that by the end of the afternoon "the air was very strong and that expanded the fire quickly, crossed the roads and paths, in very little time it was 50 metres far". We didn´t have to regret great material loss, but José Mesa remarks that some hives and a good deal of fruit trees and forests were burnt out. "People is crazy burning with such a dry weather and air", he says.

In Villalaín (Allende), the flames also spread panic. Manolo Villaneva tells that the air caused "the fire to fly like a flare from la Fonteta to here". When the neighbours saw it coming, went to protect the area "but the flames jumped over us and we had to give it up".