20 de abril de 2017
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The good weather, which will continue throughout the weekend, causes twenty fires

High temperatures were accompanied by wind gusts of up to 104 kilometers per hour, which rekindled the flames in eleven municipalities

20.04.2017 | 08:43

The good weather rekindles the flames in Asturias. Although we started the weekend with three fires, yesterday we ended up with twenty, distributed throughout eleven municipalities of the region: Allande, Cabrales, Corvera, Ibias, Llanes, Pravia, Salas, Sobrescobio, Tineo, Valdés and Villayón. The Sun and the high temperatures, which will continue during the weekend, yesterday at 1.57 pm led the regional minister of Presidency and Citizen Participation, Guillermo Martinez, to activate the Forest Fire Plan of the Principality of Asturias (INFOPA) in zero situation. Another enemy was added to the heat: the wind, which registered gusts up to 104 kilometers per hour. This value was recorded in particular in Cabo Busto.

It was the highest temperature of the day, though the northeast wind blew strong along the whole region. On the other hand, the thermometers shaved 20 degrees and the rains still do not appear. Oviedo has accumulated since March 1st, 60 liters per square meter of rainfall when the average value in the period 1981-2010 is 137,6. The weather forecast of the next few days will favor the expansion of the fire, since we expect good weather until Sunday, at least.

The twenty fires took place in Bustantigo and Villalaín (Allande), Inguanzo (Cabrales), Cancienes (Corvera), Pousadoiro and Tormaleo (Ibias), Folgueras (Paravia), Brañalvente and Cueva (Salas), Villamorey (Sobrescobio), Colinas de Arriba (Tineo), Castañeo (Valdés), Busmente (Villayón) and Sierra del Cuera, El Mazuco, La Borbolla, Cuestas de Parres, San Roque del Acebal, Torrevega and Vidiago (Llanes).

In this last municipality, the spectacular fires made several firemen teams arrived from the park of Llanes and of Cangas de Onís work extremely strong. Forest companies also took part in the tasks to put out the flames. The strong northeast wind that struck during the whole day made the work of the professionals and the helicopter difficult. Several hectares of scrub and grazing areas were burnt. The fires started in the area of Purón and San Roque and in the back of the Picu Castiellu, near the locality of the Galguera. The flames also made an appearance in the valley of Ardisana. The first of the fires started in San Roque after 9:30 pm on Tuesday in the area known as the Toyu, very close to the access to the forest through the cemetery.

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