09 de mayo de 2017
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SOMA requests 6 years in prison for Villa and 5 for Castillejo for misappropriation

The union claims to the miners´ former leader an amount of 431,330 Euros and 114,954 to the former head of the foundation dedicated to training

09.05.2017 | 08:23

Six years in prison for the miners´ former leader José Ángel Fernández Villa and five for the man who was his right hand in Infide, Pedro Castillejo. These are the penalties requested by the private prosecution exercised by SOMA and its foundation, tougher than that of the Public Prosecutor's Office, which accuses both of them of continued offenses of misappropriation. In addition, they claim to the secretary general of the mining union an indemnity of 431,330.77 Euros, and 114,954 to Castillejo.

The particular indictment is similar to that filed by the Public Prosecutor´s Office. Thus, it describes how the former unionist had credit cards linked to the bank accounts of SOMA-UGT with which he made "multiple personal purchases" such as "cigars, hats, electronic gadgets, books, films, delicatessen products, parapharmacy, perfumes and flowers", among others. It also reports the acquisition of vehicles born by the organization.
Lawyers Miguel García Vigil and Luis Llanes, of the law firm Ontier, consider that Fernández Villa exercised "an absolute and total power" in the trade union organizations he led, and that he used it to "in the execution of a preconceived plan", "to devise how to take advantage of the economic funds owned" by SOMA-UGT and FITAG-UGT, "incorporating these funds into his own assets, or giving them a use different from the one for which they should have been allocated".

Thus, Fernández Villa would have received from Hunosa, by means of signed and dated checks, 234,462 Euros that corresponded to FITAG-UGT. When Hunosa switched to bank transfer, "Fernández Villa decided to appoint a SOMA-UGT bank account and not a FITAG-UGT account(...) to evade the strictest controls". According to the private prosecution, "Villa began to use these funds and those of SOMA-UGT for his own benefit and to cover his own and personal expenses, using the assets of both organizations to his benefit".

As for Castillejo, the prosecution adds that "taking advantage of his friendship with Villa, and of the acquiescence of Villa, he showed an absolute control over the economic management of Infide and, in the execution of a preconceived plan, with the intention of incorporating to his assets the money owned by Infide, or of allocating the aforementioned funds for purposes other than those that were its own, he carried out transactions with no relation to the activity of said foundation".

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